Pakistan Conservative Party are inviting public professionals to help bring forward the most positive and radical changes to the public sector institutions in its history, transforming the professional lives of public sector workers and management at all levels, and greatly improving services for people.

PCP aim is to give direct power and control to citizens of Pakistan and replace bureaucracy with a culture that embraces professionals’ own judgment, enterprise and ideas. It is a plan for change that will bring huge improvements and more value for the money we put into public institutions and services. We want to give front-line departments and real empowerment to change and improve the services they deliver to grassroots level and to ensure their hard

work and enterprise are at last recognized and rewarded. We want financial incentives to work with, not against, the passion and service ethos that attracts people to work in the public sector in the first place. And the government bureaucracy that plagues public sector workers must be cut back, ending the micromanagement that stifles innovation and saps morale.

The public sector must also be fairer and more meritocratic. We want to ensure greater recognition of personal achievement, more flexible working and more equal pay. So we are making this invitation, from a Pakistan Conservative Party committed to progressive and democratic reform, to all our Pakistani citizens especially to professional.

Join our mission to strengthen society and deliver greater value from government for people, and in return, we will “Trust in your professionalism”.

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