Dr. Tanveer Zamani, Patron in Chief, Pakistan Conservative Party

tanveerDr. Tanveer Zamani Respects, encourages and Support the Cause of Pakistan Conservative Party and emphasizes that all power should stay in the hands of the people and an ultimate Meritocracy should rule, landocracy, oligarchy, heritocarchy have proved nothing but the failure of the system, culture and values, not only in Pakistan but across the world
Dr. Zamani advocates that American interventions are categorically required in the interest of global security and https://bigshotrading.com economy. Dr. Zamani is a US – based physician, PhD in International Politics & a Muslim Democrat.

With the fall of Iraq, followed by the Middle East uprising & the continued war on terror at the Pak-Afghan border, the Western interests remained engaged in addressing their regional conflicts that constitute the basics of Middle Eastern and Pakistan’s diplomacy, which has five possible futures: a State adrift, authoritarian state, Islamic state, moderate state or state collapse.

Historically, while American involvement has been condemned by the Muslims, the Islamic world’s personalistic leaders such as Saddam, Gaddafi, Arafat, Qumaini or Ahmadinejad were totally discouraged by the US as well. This provoked strong differences; hence, it remained difficult to find a common pathway between the West and the Muslim world.

However, this clearly mandates the need of nurturing a leader who speaks a common word out of the differences between the West and Muslims. Who despite being a Muslim, calms down the retaliation of the Muslims against the West, make every effort to present West in its most effective and acceptable manner to the Islamic world.

Instead of waiting and hoping for some one, the United States must consider achieving a decent control on the Middle East uprising and War on terror in Pak- Afghan arena by orchestrating a common voice if not language, common appearance if not culture, common effort if not faith, common future if not past and a common ground if not land. The Islamic world particularly, Pakistan has been waiting for such visionary leadership that would be different from the stereotype past leaderships.

A leader who explains the Muslim world that America is not and never will be at war with Islam, but fighting against those who are distorting Islam and clarifies that in fact, it is agonizing for America to lose their young men and women. It is costly and politically difficult to continue the fight at the Pak -Afghan region. A leader who has the ability to elucidate that the sweeping change brought by modernity and globalization led many Muslims to view the West as hostile to the traditions of Islam & that the West is not!

Currently, no one, but one person that represents the desired criteria of the needed leadership is undoubtedly Dr. Tanveer Zamani, a US – based physician, PhD in International Politics, and a Muslim Democrat. She offers a common ground to focus on the globally secured future.

She is an institutionalized product of both cultures, languages, faiths, periods and lands. She displays good will, intelligence, high education, political skills, non commercial passion, and holds an international ground reality-experience. She does not only express great views, but has captivating oratory. She believes in an institutionalized politics & reconciliation as a policy, and she hosts a common ground for the Muslim and Western cultures.

She seeks a world that holds believers of all the religions, prophets, angels and the Holy books and who respect children women, prisoners, poor and the people with special needs the most. She has a strategic plan to optimize the religion based global extremism. She plans to pull out the teenagers & adolescents who are being recruited from across the world to dis-harmonize peace. And, who apathetically submit to violence and suicidal bombings due to their own socioeconomic responsibilities and poverty.

She has a qualified potential to deal with international as well as the regional issues of the Islamic world, including Kashmir, Palestine, Israel and particularly, Pakistani issues: demographic pressures, economic hurdles, ethnic and political factionalism, governance, Islam, identity/radicalization, Militancy and Nuclear concerns. She is known for her strategic comprehensive dialogue skills.

Dr. Tanveer Zamani is a great discovered resource of reconciliation, liberation and peace that appeared in white and green; a refined gem erupted on the political silver screen, with a background unusually clean, found mounted onto the canvas of Pak-American Politics with the crises of the Middle East in between.

This is probably the voice; this is perhaps that face, this is most certainly the first non-manorial vigor observed in years, a visible change in leadership from a landocrat to a Democrat; this is almost the moment people have been waiting for the last 64 years to bring a change in the destiny of Pakistan.