Dear Supporter,

The Pakistan Conservative Party (PCP) has been founded in 2012 as a new Political Party in Pakistan that is rapidly growing from a small unit to a large successful political party that is focusing on and trying to resolve all issues concerning the Pakistani society such as Political Reforms; Peace and Justice; Rights of Citizens;; Good Governance; Supremacy of Law; Division of Power; Ever-rising Corruption; Cutting Down Expenses; Industry and Trade; Agricultural and Rural Development; Education; Health; Social action Programmes; Travel and Transport; Environment; Unemployment; Labour Reforms; Women Development; Minorities; National Security; Foreign Relations and Fighting Terrorism

We are working day and night to:

  1. Ensure that hardworking families have the REWARD OF A MEANINGFUL JOB and have a DECENT STANDARD OF LIVING.
  2. Make sure people who work hard and do the right thing can get on in life, with access to GOOD SERVICES and a DECENT QUALITY OF LIFE
  3. Deliver a STABLE ECONOMY, where hardworking taxpayers aren’t afraid of losing their job, their home or their savings
  4. Provide an education system that helps our children REACH THEIR POTENTIAL and SUCCEED IN LIFE
  5. Increase the environment for JOB CREATION to END AND REDUCE UNEMPLOYMENT
  6. Ensure Pakistan stands even taller in the world, as a STRONGER COUNTRY, a PROUDER NATION

The PCP which was registered in 2012 has since then been actively involved in civic and political issues since its founding. To be successful in this endeavor it will take a very strong and dedicated grass roots organization and we believe that all well wishers of Pakistan will step forward and support and work with us as a united volunteer effort for the country’s development .

We need your help and we are turning to the people who earnestly want the best for Pakistan and humbly invite you to get involved with us and help PCP make a difference. Your early contribution, to “Pakistan Conservative Party (PCP)” will give our efforts a tremendous boost right out of the starting block.
Raising and contributing money for the Pakistan Conservative Party (PCP) is not a guarantee of victory, but it can go a long way toward that end. This simple fundraising Appeal will not by any means solve all of PCP’s fund raising problems, but it will get us started.

The PCP requires some funds to boost its activities, and donations and contribution in the shape of funds on your part will make a huge difference. Even the smallest of your contribution is going to benefit the political activities of the PCP. You can directly send the contributions to the party by using the DONATE button this website, or even your crossed cheques through mail on the address of which is mentioned below. If you wish to help the campaigning by sending money through some other mode, please refer to our website for the money transfer details.

We promise you that if the party is elected to power, it will help better the country, and we wouldn’t let your contribution go waste. Thanking you in advance for your encouragement, generous support, and prayers and expecting for the best.

Sincerely yours,
Danish Channa